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The fabulous cast stone products pictured on this page were made from  molds by Dale Mallie and the installation pictures and designs are copyright 1999, ARCHETYPE INC. The molds were made by Dale from the wooden models I carved using his drawn specifications. 

For me, woodcarving does not get much better than this and it all started with a great design in Dale's head that he committed to paper and gave to me to make. For more information, please contact:

Archetype Inc.
phone: 954-646-3931

 See more of Dale's fabulous work at this address:


Capitol 1, block.jpg (47685 bytes) Capital 1 4-3b.jpg (41927 bytes) Capital 1 4-3c.jpg (46905 bytes) Capital 1.jpg (46131 bytes) Capital 1, cast.jpg (46401 bytes) Capital  1, column.jpg (30056 bytes)
Trimming a 19 inch square block of  laminated mahogany. 
2 pictures showing the turned block in various stages of completion.
Completed capital.
This cast stone capital, with verdigris patina, was made from the mold that was made from the carved wooden capital.
Last picture shows one one capital application.


Capital 1 Gazebo.jpg (46523 bytes)   Gazebo 1.jpg (46803 bytes) Gazebo 2.jpg (45558 bytes)
More applications of the above capital.


Capital 2 4-3.jpg (35617 bytes)

Capital 2 4-3b.jpg (34028 bytes)

Capital 2.jpg (45978 bytes)

Capital 2 cast.jpg (47194 bytes)

Capital 2 turret.jpg (47162 bytes)

First 3: Another very interesting capital. Turned and carved in mahogany.
Next 2: Finished cast stone capital and application.


Capital 3 4-3.jpg (38750 bytes) Capital 3 4-3b.jpg (45223 bytes) Capital 3 4-3c.jpg (46182 bytes)

Capitol 3.jpg (46880 bytes)

Carved capital - small.jpg (46504 bytes)

Capital, fire place 4.2.jpg (29738 bytes)

Carved capital - small - cast fire place.jpg (43156 bytes)
Smaller capital. This one is about 12 inches tall.
Last 3: Capital that was used for a fireplace and application.


Sink4-3.jpg (46993 bytes) Sink4-3b.jpg (42003 bytes) Sink 2.jpg (40340 bytes) Sink.jpg (46527 bytes) Sink base 4-3.jpg (46665 bytes) Shell base.jpg (35792 bytes) Shell & base application.jpg (47142 bytes) Shell, base & capital application.jpg (46379 bytes)


Just when I thought I had seen everything, drawings for this fountain show up. 

First four:  Sink part of fountain in construction.  It was made to be a stand-alone piece as well.
Next two:  Fountain base.
Application - second to last picture:  Black water nozzles are cast into the flat, top rim - between the undulating concave edge and also in the very top of both volutes. They spray small streams of water onto the cast shield above.
Last picture: Note the capitals.


Rail elements.jpg (18326 bytes) Rail elements, application.jpg (6082 bytes)

Plaster rosette jpeg.jpg (36193 bytes)

Poplar baluster model.jpg (20789 bytes) Baluster model.jpg (28396 bytes)
Carved rail pattern.   
Hand carved plaster rosette.
Last two: Poplar baluster models. The first was made to be split into two lengthwise pieces and each one of these pieces will be used to make 1/2 of a mold.  The last is one piece for a different molding process.


Poplar key.jpg (21492 bytes)

Poplar key 2.jpg (18207 bytes) Fountain Top on lathe 2.jpg (27733 bytes) Fountain_Top_on_lathe_3.jpg (26545 bytes) Fountain Top on lathe 4.jpg (29492 bytes) Fountain_top_1.jpg (36693 bytes)

Fountain_top_2.jpg (38511 bytes)

Two poplar keystones. 
Last 5: 18 inch diameter, large carved mahogany turning. It was the mold pattern for the top of a 3 tier, 7 foot diameter, cast stone fountain. See below.


FountainHouse.jpg (44184 bytes)

FountainCloseUp.jpg (47720 bytes)

FountainParts.jpg (28562 bytes) FountainCanal.jpg (41839 bytes) WindowRosettes.jpg (40776 bytes) RosettesCloseUp.jpg (26370 bytes) CornerCloseUp.jpg (14009 bytes)

Corner.jpg (30165 bytes)

One of the completed fountains.
Fountain close up.
Fountain parts.
Fountain in another setting.
Elegant window with my carved rosettes.
Close up of the rosettes.
Carved fascia.
Carved fascia corner. My job was to knit together the carved corners.


CapStack.jpg (97746 bytes) CapitalFloronDone.jpg (76471 bytes) CapitalColumn2.jpg (50665 bytes) CapitalColumn.jpg (36817 bytes) CapitalColumn3.jpg (12055 bytes)


First: A stack of capitals without florons.
Second: The same capitals with florons
Third and fourth: Close up of one capital on it's octagonal column. 
Fifth: Capital on column without column base. 


CapColBaseAssembled.jpg (24579 bytes) Me&MyColumn.jpg (71953 bytes) CorbelsBottomCarve.jpg (76901 bytes) CorbelsBottomCarve2.jpg (62902 bytes) Corbel1.jpg (75553 bytes)


First picture is of the finished capital, column and base assembly.
Second is of me standing next to the work. I am 6'2" tall for perspective.
Third & Fourth: Corbel base turned and being carved.
Last: Almost finished base mounted of finished upper part. 


CorbelSide.jpg (34061 bytes) CorbelsBadkToBack.jpg (60567 bytes) CorbelBottom.jpg (30657 bytes) CorbelFront.jpg (46008 bytes)


First: Each corbel is 5/8 of a capital in depth and 88% of its volume.
Second: Back to back. 
Third: Looking up at the bottom. 
Fourth: View from the front.


CorbelsUp.jpg (58249 bytes) CorbelUp.jpg (76879 bytes) CorbelsPair.jpg (56327 bytes) CorbelsAngle.jpg (73963 bytes)


 Finished pieces from different angles. Corbels are 14" tall X 14" wide X 12" deep. 


KelseyArchEntrance2.jpg (50778 bytes) KelseyArchEntranceShell.jpg (65268 bytes) KelseyArchEntranceCapitol.jpg (36738 bytes)


 This pediment is installed inside a gazebo that is surrounded by a moat for Koi.
This shell is a vertical adaptation of a fountain in the fifth line of pictures from the top of this page.
This capital is an adaptation of a free standing capital in the forth line of pictures from the top of tins page.  


Archetype1.jpg (101468 bytes) Archetype2.jpg (78874 bytes) Archetype4.jpg (90210 bytes) Archetype3.jpg (84629 bytes)


All four pictures of this beautiful building have elements cast from molds made from wooden patterns I carved for Dale. 


RSI Corbel Pattern 2.jpg (178906 bytes) RSI Corbel Pattern.jpg (167784 bytes)


This little corbel is 2" wide X 6" long and was made as a casting pattern for a large cabinet company.


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